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Weekly Band Builder Sessions begin on the 9th June

Build a band from scratch and perform at a real gig via a course of workshops and facilitated rehearsals.

  • 5 X Workshop Sessions
  • 6 X Facilitated Rehearsals
  • 1 X Performance
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The workshops and rehearsals take place on Sunday afternoons from 9th June to 7th July, with an extra rehearsal in the evening of the 8th July and the performance in the evening of the 9th July.


How it works

Participants are matched according to musical tastes and experience and create a band.

Each workshop is one hour and each facilitated rehearsal is one hour. These run back-to-back to create a two-hour session per week. In the fifth week there’s an extra rehearsal session before the performance.
There will also be a follow-up social session after the performance to include presentation of the certificates.

The Workshops

Week 1
Sunday 9th June
‘Playing as a Band’ – song selection, knowing your band, listening & locking in, creating cues and endings.

Week 2
Sunday 16th June
‘Communication’ – techniques for giving non-verbal signals, how to maintain good communication on stage and in rehearsals, understanding the language of other instruments.

Week 3
Sunday 23rd June
‘Musical Evolution’ – creative techniques, songwriting tips, evolving your band’s sound and identity.

Week 4
Sunday 30th June
‘Getting It Wrong’ – methods for handling mistakes, how to turn challenges into opportunities, knowing your options and alternatives.

Week 5
Sunday 7th July
‘Gig Checklist’ – preparing for a gig, sound check, equipment, dealing with nerves, stage presence, the business of gigging.

Monday 8th July (evening)
‘Dress Rehearsal’ – to iron out any technical, musical or performance issues.

Tuesday 9th July (evening)
At a live music venue.
Afterwards – post-gig feedback and appraisal. Presentation of certificates.

Pricing & How to Apply

Website offer: Apply online and receive £15 discount!

We’re offering a discount to participants that use the online application form (link below).

Normal price = £240

Web price = £225


Application Form


Included in the price: all sessions (5 workshops, 6 facilitated rehearsals, and the performance/post-gig appraisal), all equipment, resources, rehearsal space, tutor fees, sound engineer costs, venue hire, additional resources.

Deposit is just £20, paid at the time of submitting the application.  Deposit is refunded in the case that we are unable to place you in a suitable band.  Alternatively, you can carry the deposit forward to the next time we run the Band Builder Sessions and it will also guarantee the discounted online price.

Inspiring performances at JamSocial

Congratulations and well done to everyone that took part in April’s JamSocial event.

We had really fantastic energy and a buzzing vibe throughout the whole day.

Instrument sessions

The day started with warm-ups and a few games to help everyone tune in with each other and get prepared for performing together.

The 4 instrument groups went off to separate areas of the venue to work on instrument-specific topics with their tutor. This section of the day was geared towards overcoming any technical or stylistic problems that may have been encountered when learning the material for the workshop. It was great to see everyone share ideas and help develop each other’s skills.

Band workshop

In the afternoon the Band Workshop on the main stage included a section on “how to communicate within the band”. We ironed out the arrangement of the songs to settle on a strong structure for each song. This was a 4-way process involving the guitarist, vocalist, drummer and bassist. Each musician had to adapt their part in a small way to come up with the arrangement that worked overall.

Eye contact and visual cues were crucial for developing an on-stage “musical conversation” between the performers. It was a good lesson in proving that the song as a whole is greater than the sum of the individual parts.

Performances and jam sessions

The third section of the event is designed to have different combinations of performers play on stage and develop the songs in their own way. This generated some really exciting and varied renditions of the songs. It also saw everyone that had started the day quite nervous about performing in front of others become much more confident on stage.

Great new friends made, valuable experience gained, and overall a great day.


Thanks go out to Elephant Drums for organising the event, Zoe Konez for co-ordinating on the day, to instrument tutors Will (drums), Miri (vocals), Daniel (guitar), and Andy (bass), to the Fiddler’s Elbow for having us, Vas for doing a great job on the sound, and of course to all the fantastic participants who made it happen.


Facebook Join the JamSocial Facebook Group to connect with other performers and see more photos from the event.

The songs are covered in detail in the “Workshop Resources” section of the website (Go to Workshop Resources).

The 3 songs for JamSocial on April 27th are:

Feeling Good Nina Simonesee also: Muse
Heart Shaped Box Nirvanasee also: Ruby & The Vines
Boom Boom John Lee Hookersee also: The Animals

There’s no pressure for participants to play the whole of all 3 songs. Treat the songs as a “work in progress”. Don’t worry about memorising (or sight reading) the structure of the whole song. At the workshop we’ll be creating our own versions of the tracks – so treat the original recordings as a point of reference, not to be copied exactly.

If you need some help with the songs please arrange some sessions with a tutor before the workshop. You should have a basic working knowledge of how to play the songs before the date of the workshop.

Book your place

JamSocial 27 April 2013We’re going to be getting our groove on at the next JamSocial on Saturday 27th April.

Registration is open from today. Book your place at

Just like the previous JamSocial, we’re going to have three songs as a starting point for the workshop.  The workshop resources pack is being finalised at the moment and it will be available to download shortly.

If you have never been to JamSocial before, and you are thinking of joining us on April 27th but you’re not sure what to expect, please join our friendly Facebook Group where you can meet the other participants and find out a bit more about what it’s all about.

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From JAMuary! JamSocial took place on the 26th January at The Fiddler’s Elbow, Camden. Hosted by Elephant Drums

Another brilliant JamSocial!

Thank You

We had such a great day, with a really fantastic group of musicians. Thanks everyone for your enthusiasm, energy and creativity.

JamSocial saw musicians with different musical backgrounds and different levels of experience on their instruments come together to play and develop through a series of performance workshops.

The morning session involves warm-ups and “tuning in” to each other, followed by instrument-specific workshops about techniques and ideas in small groups. In the afternoon band workshop, we get a feel for the songs and play through various possibilities for structure and variation. The final section of the day moves into a mass jam, with everyone contributing ideas and improvising.

The aim of the day is to give confidence to those that don’t yet feel “ready” to play with other musicians or perform on stage by breaking down the barriers to getting up and playing.

The next JamSocial is going to be at the end of April, exact date TBC.

See you there! In the meantime, happy jamming!

Get your copy of the workshop resources for the next JamSocial on 26th January 2013.

The resources pack contains lots of useful information, tips, details about the songs, links, and ideas to help you prepare for the workshop.

The download box will ask you where you want to save the file to your computer. It is a PDF file, which can be read using free Adobe Reader software. If you don’t have Adobe Reader installed you can get a copy here –

The songs are covered in detail in the “Workshop Resources” section of the website (Go to Workshop Resources).

The 3 songs for JamSocial on January 26th are:

Talkin’ Bout A Revolution (Tracy Chapman)
Let’s Get It On (Marvin Gaye)
The A Team (Ed Sheeran)

There’s no pressure for participannts to play the whole of all 3 songs. Treat the songs as a “work in progress”. Don’t worry about memorising (or sight reading) the structure of the whole song. On the day of the workshop itself we’ll be running abridged version of the tracks and adding our own spin to them.

If you need some help with the songs please contact us to arrange some sessions with a tutor before the workshop. You should have a basic working knowledge of how to play the songs before the date of the workshop.

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