About JamSocial: Overview

Band Performance at JamSocialJamSocial is a fun and relaxed live performance workshop.

We run courses for adults and young people.

Meet and play with like-minded musicians.

JamSocial adds purpose and direction to learning an instrument and helps develop musical skills.

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The importance of Live Performance Workshops

Performing with other musicians is a vital element of learning an instrument.

A musician can only get so far with practising alone – but making the leap from “practise” to “performance” with others can be a daunting idea.

The project was started by independent music teachers in London who wanted to provide Live Performance Workshops (LPW) to music students.

JamSocial is a great way for musicians learning an instrument to come together, jam, socialise, and ultimately to form bonds that lead to forming bands.

Playing with other musicians puts learning an instrument into perspective and deepens the understanding of the instrument.  Not to mention it’s brilliant fun too!

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