Frequently Asked Questions

Want to ask a question?  Need a bit more information?  Below is a list of questions we are frequently asked – so we’ve answered them and compiled into a handy page for reference.

If you can’t find an answer you were looking for or if you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

JamSocial Drums
What equipment do I need to bring to the JamSocial event?

We provide:
– Full drum kit, including cymbals
– PA system, mic stands, cables etc
– Amps for electric guitar and bass

If you don’t own a guitar, our tutors will have a spare they can lend you.

Drummers may like to bring their own sticks, but it’s not essential.

Disposable ear plugs are available free.

What songs will I be playing at JamSocial?

The list of songs is available from your tutor.  You’ll work on the songs ahead of the session with your tutor so you’re prepared for the JamSocial event itself.

You can also see the songs for a specific JamSocial event by visiting the events page and finding the song list for the upcoming JamSocial dates.

How many songs will I be expected to play?

That’s entirely up to you!  There’s no pressure to perform any of the songs if you don’t want to.  We encourage everyone to get up and have a go performing the songs, but we’ll help and support you so you feel comfortable and that the correct skill level for you.

JamSocial is a fun and social event, not a test!  We aim for everyone to feel relaxed and in their own comfort zone – therefore there’s no expectation that you’ll be “able to play” every part of every song.

Each JamSocial event focusses on 3 songs which are prepared in advance with your tutor.  On the day you’ll have the opportunity to perform as much or as little as you feel comfortable playing – whether it’s a short part of a verse, a few bars, or all 3 songs in full.

I have lessons with a different tutor, can I still come along to JamSocial?

Absolutely!  JamSocial is open to everyone learning an instrument – it’s a great place to meet and socialise with other musicians in a similar situation to you.

JamSocial is also open to Tutors to get involved.  Tutors get access to the songs we’ll be working of for the event, and this adds extra content for the lessons by preparing students for the next JamSocial.

If you are learning an instrument and you’d ike to join us at the next JamSocial, please buy a ticket and then contact us with your tutor’s details so we can pass on the relevant information about the material we’ll be covering at the event.

Will I have to be able to read music to be able to take part in JamSocial?

You don’t need to be able to read music. At the JamSocial event on the day itself we will not be relying on written music notation, as it’s more about the performance than the theory. You are more than welcome to bring your music and charts if it helps you.

Is JamSocial a ‘jam session’ or a ‘live performance workshop’?

JamSocial is a combination of the “rock school” format of learning specific songs to be performed (LPW, or Live Performance Workshop) together with the less formal, more social aspects of a jam session.

The original concept for JamSocial came from discussions with drum students at Elephant Drums.  Many were reaching the level where they were ready to put everything they’d been learning in lessons into a ‘real life’ performance situation but found public jam sessions intimidating and didn’t know other musicians of a similar level to play with.  JamSocial has come from a real need for an event that is a cross between a jam night and a live performance workshop.

Who is JamSocial for?

JamSocial is aimed at adults learning an instrument. They can be self-taught musicians or having lessons.

All adult musicians are welcome, no matter of style or ability: jazzers, soulsters, rockers, folk musicians, self-taught individuals, new players, “lapsed” musicians, and those curious about what it’s like to play in a band.

Read more about who can take part on the Participants Page

What happens if I want to come to JamSocial in future but I’m not ready yet?

You don’t need to feel “ready” – the whole point of JamSocial is to make you feel more ready!  So book your place and come along anyway – you’ll be glad you did.

JamSocial events happen every couple of months so it’s no problem if you can’t make the next date.
Just keep an eye open for announcements of future JamSocial dates. You can join the mailing list to keep informed of upcoming events.

Optional private sessions run every week to prepare participants for the next workshop. Book up some lessons with our tutors to make sure you’re ok with the material for the next JamSocial event.

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Can I take part if I’m self-taught?

Absolutely! Yes.

JamSocial is about bringing musicians together from all backgrounds – whether that’s self-taught, or “lapsed” musicians who used to play music who want to get back into it, or adults taking up an instrument for the first time.

For full details and reassurance that it’s absolutely fine to be an “un-schooled” musician read the participants page about who can take part.