Are you a JAM-socialite?

Here are some examples of the types of musicians JamSocial is helping…

1.  ‘Newbie’

You’re keen to get into a band, but not sure where to start. Looking for others to jam with.

2. ‘Rusty’

Perhaps you used to play in bands, maybe a lapsed musician. Now looking to rekindle the magic.

3. ‘Unready’

You question “Am I good Enough?” and feel unready to take it to the next level. You need a boost.

JamSocial Bass Guitar Vocals Drums

Taught or Self-Taught?

JamSocial’s motto “Musicians Come Together” reflects how all types of musician, whether taught formally or self-taught, can come together and learn from each other and make musical connections.

JamSocial works by bringing together all types of musician in an open-minded and non-judgemental professional environment.

JamSocial welcomes all self-taught musicians and those that receive lessons, or indeed, those that have had lessons in the past and now teach themselves. You certainly don’t have to be a ‘schooled musician’ to take part in JamSocial.

However, tutors for each instrument are on-hand to guide and facilitate the workshop, and optional lessons with the tutors are available in the weeks leading up to the workshop.  The lessons cover the techniques and practicalities of the songs that will be covered at the workshop.

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