Band Builder

Band Builder Music Course

Band Course

5 weeks (12 Sessions)

Vocals | Guitars | Drums | Bass
Every Saturday/Sunday afternoon at a Central London studio.

  • Band Coaching

  • Music Workshops

  • Performance Skills

  • Creative Development

  • Play a Live Gig

How it Works

Participants are matched according to musical tastes and experience and create a band.

Each workshop is one hour and each facilitated rehearsal is one hour. These run back-to-back to create a two-hour session per week. In the fifth week there’s an extra rehearsal session before the performance.
There will also be a follow-up social session after the performance to include presentation of the certificates.

The Workshops

Week 1

‘Playing as a Band’ – song selection, knowing your band, listening & locking in, creating cues and endings.

Week 2

‘Communication’ – techniques for giving non-verbal signals, how to maintain good communication on stage and in rehearsals, understanding the language of other instruments.

Week 3

‘Musical Evolution’ – creative techniques, songwriting tips, evolving your band’s sound and identity.

Week 4

‘Getting It Wrong’ – methods for handling mistakes, how to turn challenges into opportunities, knowing your options and alternatives.

Week 5

‘Gig Checklist’ – preparing for a gig, sound check, equipment, dealing with nerves, stage presence, the business of gigging.

Also in Week 5:

‘Dress Rehearsal’ – to iron out any technical, musical or performance issues.


At a live music venue in Central London.
Afterwards – post-gig feedback and appraisal. Presentation of certificates.

Band Builder Music Course

How to Apply

Apply here!

Application Form

Included in the price: all 12 sessions (5 workshops, 6 facilitated rehearsals, and the performance & post-gig appraisal), and all equipment, resources, rehearsal space, tutor fees, sound engineer costs, venue hire, additional resources, attendance certificate.

Deposit is £50, paid upon confirmation of your space and start date. Pay nothing up front. There is no application fee.

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