Songs for JamSocial on 26th January 2013

The songs are covered in detail in the “Workshop Resources” section of the website (Go to Workshop Resources).

The 3 songs for JamSocial on January 26th are:

Talkin’ Bout A Revolution (Tracy Chapman)
Let’s Get It On (Marvin Gaye)
The A Team (Ed Sheeran)[/alert]

There’s no pressure for participannts to play the whole of all 3 songs. Treat the songs as a “work in progress”. Don’t worry about memorising (or sight reading) the structure of the whole song. On the day of the workshop itself we’ll be running abridged version of the tracks and adding our own spin to them.

If you need some help with the songs please contact us to arrange some sessions with a tutor before the workshop. You should have a basic working knowledge of how to play the songs before the date of the workshop.

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