Songs for JamSocial on 27th April 2013

The songs are covered in detail in the “Workshop Resources” section of the website (Go to Workshop Resources).


The 3 songs for JamSocial on April 27th are:

Feeling Good Nina Simonesee also: Muse
Heart Shaped Box Nirvanasee also: Ruby & The Vines
Boom Boom John Lee Hookersee also: The Animals

There’s no pressure for participants to play the whole of all 3 songs. Treat the songs as a “work in progress”. Don’t worry about memorising (or sight reading) the structure of the whole song. At the workshop we’ll be creating our own versions of the tracks – so treat the original recordings as a point of reference, not to be copied exactly.

If you need some help with the songs please arrange some sessions with a tutor before the workshop. You should have a basic working knowledge of how to play the songs before the date of the workshop.

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